Thai Yoga Massage

Fluid Presence™

Let the warm water guide you to authentic presence.

Mobile Massage


Thai Yoga Massage


How to find me

  • If you have any financial restrictions presently,  please don't hesitate to contact me  

My Intention

Offering true presence,  deep listening and  space for you to simply BE



​CELL   707. 812. 0451  

Additional  $20 for Ukiah region  

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Thai Yoga Massage w/Daveed, San Anselmo, Marin Watsu/Waterdance


​Monday - Friday    8am - 9pm

Saturday & Sunday    8am - 9pm

Deep Presence Retreat

Inquiry & Guided Meditation

90mins Deep Presence Massage

90mins Fluid Presence Session

Integration & Guided Meditation

320          5 Hrs 

First-Time Client?  90 mins session for $110

Mon - Sun  8AM - 9PM    1.707.812.0451 

Deep Presence Retreat

Offer yourself the space to reconnect with source.


8150 Orr Springs Rd

Ukiah , CA

Free Parking On site​                  

Deep Presence Massage

Peel away the layers to meet your deeper self. 

Therapeutic Massage


​​​​​​Thai Massage Fusion  with  Daveed
Aquatic Bodywork & Massage(CMT)  Marin/Mendocino county​​

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Deep Presence Massage

100          90 mins

120         120mins  

150         150mins

360         4 x 90 mins

Homage to my Teachers

Gratitude to the guides who came across my path, shaping its curves.

My Journey

From Scholar research to inner quests.  Ongoing exploration and discovery.  

Fluid Presence™

140          90 mins

160         120mins