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​​​​​​Thai Massage Fusion  with  Daveed
Aquatic Bodywork & Massage(CMT)  Marin/Mendocino county​​

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About the Space

The pool resides in a very spacious nook, backing on the lush green forest of Tamalpais. The chirping birds and sway of the trees offer the space for you to connect deeply to your true nature. The water is heated to a comfortable 96-99 degree, offers your body the space to fully settle into yourself. 

Allow the minerals from our high quality salt water filtration system to soak deeply into your skin. For a small extra donation, ($15) you may choose to use our cozy sauna or hot tub, before or after your session. The space is part of a Donation- based Community of Therapists and bodyworkers, who's main intention is for connection and healing.

Adjacent to the pool is a quiet massage room, with access to a shower and bathroom, where i offer my Deep Presence Massage sessions. A calm, spacious and private environment for our journey to naturally unfold.

Thank you so much! I have been waiting for this all my life. The techniques of stretching and movement were perfect and just what my body needed. Your warm touch, awareness, calm and intuitive abilities, were what made it truly important. Felt profound release on my left shoulder that you attended to with uncanny respect and patience. I was utterly, profoundly touched, released and strengthened by your presence

Julie Ortir

I had a wonderful experience in our Fluid Presence session this morning. When you brought under to the bottom of the pool, I went through into the earth and felt the one-ness of liquid and solid - and the connection of truth with water and truth with rock. And then they all became their true substance. Words can hardly express...


Over the years, any new experience, any new encounter, any new travel seems to have enriched and refined my practice. A diversity of experiences such as Contact Dance Improvisation, Non-Violent Communication, Hakomi and Fluid Presence™ had a major influence on my exploration. 

The mystery of life brought me to California in 2008, and to Harbin Hot Springs in 2010, where I lived and practiced Thai Massage and Aquatic Bodywork until the Valley fire encompassed Harbin. Harbin Hot springs satisfied my thirst for Community and introduced me to the practice of Warm-Water Holistic Therapy (Watsu®, WaterDance™, Healing Dance®) I will forever be grateful to have served in this unique healing community.

I was later introduced to Fluid Presence™ taught by Shantam ( I immediately resonated with the principles Shantam shares with her students. She opened the door to a deeper listening, a deeper awareness, a stronger faith and compassion. She introduced me to a different way of inquiring, of relating, of authentically being with my receiver.

My tendency to accumulate more techniques, modalities, forms, melted into a clearer intention to be present, authentic and to dive deeper into the Self.

Thai Massage Teachers: Ralf Marzen, Rahul Bharti, Itzhak Helman, Arnaud Lhermitte, David Lutt, Kaline Kelly, KrishnaTaki, Gwyn Williams, Ajahn Sinchai, Ajahn Pichest Boonthumme
Aquatic Bodywork: Richard Bock, Davida Taurek, Shantam, Inika Spence, Harold Dull, Cameron West.

Homage to my Teachers

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all my teachers who have crossed my path over the years.

Nghawang Rigzin Lama                                                                           Reiki Master, Kathmandu, Nepal

Vivekananda Yoga Mahavidyapeetham                                            Yoga Ashram, Bangalore, India 

Shivananda Ashram                                                                                    Yoga Ashram, Trivandrum, India 

Rudra  Dev                                                                           Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Rishikesh, India

Usha Devi                                                                             Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher, Rishikesh, India

S. N. Goenka                                                                                                       Vipassana Meditation Teacher

Rasalam Varghese                                                           Traditional Ayurvedic Massage, Kerela, India

Juli Salvat                                                                                          Craniosacral Therapy, Barcelona, Spain

Rosemary Wallace                                                    Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Thailand/UK

Shinzo Fujimaki                                                                                              Shiatsu, Harbin Hot Springs, US 

Keesha Standley                                                                     Swedish Massage, Harbin Hot Springs, US 

Thai Massage w/Daveed, San Anselmo, Marin  Watsu/WaterDance Thai Yoga Massage

Therapeutic Massage


Thai Yoga Massage


My Journey

20 years ago, when my days were spent mainly doing research at the Royal library of Brussels for my Phd in Modern Literature, I felt a strong call to travel to the Himalayas. My days started to feel meaningless. I knew that the feeling would get stronger until I would respond to the call.
Since my arrival in Nepal, I let completely go of the career I was “supposed” to pursue and my research turned into an inner exploration through the daily practice of Yoga, Vipassana Meditation, and different modalities of healing touch.
I spent over 12 years, living mainly in Asia. Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, and later Thailand, became my new university. I was fascinated and still am, by the richness of the oriental spirituality, which studies so extensively the relationship between body, mind and spirit.

It is for me an ongoing research where daily practice and daily life are entwined. Bodywork became a natural manifestation, giving me the opportunity to share with others the fruits of my “personal” practice. The discovery of Thai massage, traditionally related to the Buddhist and yogic philosophy, became for me a perfect form  of expressing a compassionate touch.


Our Sessions

Out beyond forms and techniques, there is a field, I will meet you there.

Our sessions together, whether it be Fluid Presence™ or Deep Presence Massage,  will begin with an invitation for us to listen and inquire to what is truly alive in the present moment. The space is open and entirely yours to share and connect to whatever truth is present for you: Physical discomfort, emotional distress, general fatigue or maybe just the desire to treat yourself, to celebrate life. Whatever arises in our session together I will be fully present and available to respond and meet you in those places. 

I intuitively draw from an array of acquired tools and skills to respond to what is present. My offering is an inspired dance which ranges from the subtlety of Craniosacral, to the effectiveness of Deep Tissue Massage and to the expansiveness  of Thai Massage.

I listen to the breath; I feel how tissues respond to touch and how muscles protect or invite under compression; I support the joints to increase mobility. 

Stretching and opening the whole structure of your being; from the knuckles of your toes, to the bones of your skull: The hips, belly, heart, shoulders and neck. Finding relief from muscular tensions, settling your nervous system and mind, deepening your breath and freeing the natural flow of energy.

Often throughout my sessions I use Tibetan Singing Bowls, which create a healing sound bathe to aid in your process.  

Client Testimonials