Deep Presence Massage

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                  6 Mth Validity


First-Time Client?  90 mins session for $110

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Thank you for the love & care you gave my body and spirit today. The Thai Massage felt like a conversation. The way you listened to my body informs the way i will listen to myself this day forward. Full of joy and gratitude. 


Thai Massage w/Daveed, San Anselmo, Marin


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Thai Massage in San Anselmo

Deep Presence Retreat

Inquiry & Guided Meditation

90mins Deep Presence Massage

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Integration & Guided Meditation

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Fluid Presence™

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560         4 X 90mins
                  6 Mth Validity

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Thank you so much Daveed! I feel Re-Birthed through Mother Earth. What a beautiful vessel and container for Spirit to move through. I am blessed to receive this release, allowing my Spirit to dance with the Spirit of the Water. I will take this with me.


A very powerful session. I felt truly held and supported with conscious compassion from you. Returning to my original wholeness. Continual Gratitude.


Watsu/Waterdance Fusion


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Thai Yoga Massage 


​​​​​​Thai Massage Fusion  with  Daveed
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